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Welcome to the Once a Week Kitchen – the home of the Once a Week Cookbook!

This book is about the amazingly simple ‘Once a Week’ cookery system whereby you cook for only a few hours a week (an evening or an afternoon) and get to eat fabulous food every day. It contains fantastic shopping lists and weekly cooking plans to help you get started, and you will save time, money and energy. In fact this book will probably change the way you cook forever!

On this website you will find Recipes, Video Tutorials, a blog and much more. All of my videos demonstrate my own style of cooking which is super easy and very cost effective! I’m hoping to build a brilliant community of like minded cooks so we can share our hints, tips and recipes with each other, so be sure to check the forums out and say hello!


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Why use this cooking method?

Cost Effective

By following the once a week cooking method, you will save lots of money that you would normally spend on frozen ready meals from supermarkets. You won’t be as tempted to make impulse buys and you won’t feel inclined to hit the takeaways as much, all this means you can plan your food budget better and make significant savings!

Time Saving

By cooking a lot of food on one day and freezing it in portions, you can just get the amount you need for the next day out of the freezer before you go to bed and let it defrost. This saves you the hassle of having to cook a separate meal each day, all you have to do is heat up the portion you took out to defrost!

Healthier Meals

This cooking method promotes the use of higher quality and fresher ingredients compared to those you would get in ready meals. This is beneficial as it means you always have a supply of fresh and healthy meals on hand, making those last minute takeaway visits a thing of the past!